Just because your new website or current website is built and you can visit it by typing in the web address or URL into your browser doesn't mean customers and visitors can find your site.

We offer a variety of services to help your site be found in various ways including:

  • Rich and useful content in your website to attract visitors based on location, age groups, or a certain demographic you are targeting.
  • Keywords and Meta Tags to help the search engines find your services.
  • Submit your site to the major search engines.
  • Monitor your site and its health including page errors.
  • Submit your site to Google Places to help your business be found by those visitors who have their current location enabled on their browsers. If you're looking for a service in your area, you shouldn't be passed over by another business further away from where that potential customer is located.
  • Assist in creating YouTube Channels to promote your company's videos, products, and services.
  • Assist in creating a Facebook Page to help advertise your site and business' profile to billions registered to this massive social media tool.
  • Create and submit Site Maps, which is basically an outline of the pages of your site. By doing this your listing on the search engine appears to be larger and stand out more.